Protocol Etiquette & Security Workshop Recap

Empowering Women: A Resounding Success!

I am thrilled to share the remarkable success of the recent “Protocol, Etiquette, and Security” workshop held on February 28th–29th, 2024, in Taraba State. This impactful two-day event, organized by my office in collaboration with the Agyin Kefas Care Trust Foundation, aimed to empower female stakeholders across our state with crucial skills and knowledge.

The workshop provided a platform for women to delve into various essential areas:

  • Navigating with grace: We explored the intricacies of protocol and etiquette, equipping participants with the confidence to navigate professional and social situations with poise and finesse.
  • Prioritizing with purpose: Interactive sessions on time management techniques empowered participants to set SMART goals, prioritize effectively, and achieve their aspirations efficiently.
  • Building bridges, not walls: We delved into the art of fostering positive and productive human relations, equipping participants with communication skills and conflict resolution strategies to build strong, lasting relationships.
  • Protecting ourselves and our communities: Sessions on security awareness provided valuable insights into personal safety, common threats, and preventive measures, empowering participants to safeguard themselves and their communities.
  • Extending a helping hand: We explored the avenues for contributing to humanitarian efforts, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to alleviate suffering and reduce hunger within their communities.

The workshop was a vibrant tapestry of interactive sessions, including engaging lectures, insightful discussions, practical role-playing exercises, and thought-provoking Q&A sessions. This dynamic approach fostered a stimulating learning environment where participants actively engaged, shared experiences, and learned from each other.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants is a testament to the workshop’s success. They expressed a deeper understanding of the workshop’s core themes, a significant improvement in their skill sets, and a newfound confidence to apply their learnings in various aspects of their lives.

I am incredibly grateful to the esteemed facilitators, Chief Bar. Timothy Gebon Kataps, Mr. Joshua Ogbor, Dr. Ecuseh Audu, and Prof. Isa Mohammed, for their dedication, expertise, and engaging presentations. Their invaluable contributions significantly impacted the workshop’s success.

Furthermore, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to my husband, His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas, Governor of Taraba State, for his unwavering support and commitment to empowering women in our state. His financial and logistical support was instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of the workshop.

I am deeply inspired by the enthusiasm and commitment to personal development displayed by the participants. This workshop was just the beginning of our journey towards empowering women in Taraba State. We look forward to hosting similar workshops in the future, tailoring them to address the specific needs and challenges faced by our women. Together, we can build a stronger, more empowered future for all.

With warmest regards,

Her Excellency Mrs Agyin Kefas

First Lady of Taraba State

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