powerful Road Walk against gender Based Violence

Today, standing alongside resilient women and dedicated stakeholders, I led a powerful road walk in the fight against gender-based violence in Taraba State. Together, we carried the message of ending this societal ill to the Exco Chambers of the Government House.

Grateful to have been received by His Excellency @Aminualkali, who reinstated the state government’s unwavering commitment to ending gender-based violence.

Our day continued with a thought-provoking panel session involving key stakeholders deeply invested in combating gender-based violence in Taraba. Together, we shared insights, strategies, and a collective vision for a safer, more inclusive Taraba.

As a tangible step towards empowerment, I’m thrilled to share that we’ve empowered over 70 women across the state. This goes beyond raising awareness; it’s about providing real support to those affected and emphasizing economic empowerment as a tool for resilience.

The fight against gender-based violence is a collective endeavor, and today’s events reinforce the power of unity in creating lasting change. Let’s continue to stand together, empower women, and build a future free from the shadows of violence.

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