Celebrating the UN International Day on Education in Taraba State

Today, in honor of the United Nations International Day on Education, I had the privilege of commemorating the role of education in fostering peace and development. The spotlight was on the remarkable transformation of Government Day Nyamusalla into a world-class educational institution.

As I walked through the revamped school, the commitment to providing quality education for peace and development was evident. Learning for peace is a transformative process, empowering learners with essential knowledge, values, attitudes, skills, and behaviors to serve as catalysts for peace in their communities.

To further support this vision, I extended a gesture of goodwill by donating educational materials to enhance the learning experience at Government Day Nyamusalla.

Education remains the cornerstone of progress, and through such initiatives, we are actively shaping a brighter future for our communities. Together, let us continue to invest in education as a powerful force for peace and development.

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