Celebrating the First Ray of Hope in 2024: Surprise Visit to FMC Jalingo PostNatal Ward

In a heartwarming gesture, today marked a moment of pure joy as Her Excellency paid a surprise visit to the PostNatal ward of the Federal Medical Center Jalingo. The purpose? To rejoice with the family of the first child born in the year 2024.

The excitement in the air was infectious as the First Lady, joined by the medical director of FMC Jalingo, shared in the blissful celebration of new life. This surprise visit not only brought smiles to the faces of the proud parents but also highlighted the dedicated healthcare professionals contributing to the well-being of our community.

As we welcome the firstborn of 2024, our heartfelt congratulations go out to the family, and our gratitude extends to the healthcare team at FMC Jalingo. May this precious addition bring immeasurable joy and blessings to the family and serve as a symbol of hope for the entire community.

Here’s to celebrating new beginnings, the dedication of healthcare providers, and the promise of a bright future for the newborn.

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