AKCTF Continues Fight Against Malaria in Santewa Community

Agyin Kefas Care Trust Foundation Continues Fight Against Malaria in Santewa Community

In its unwavering commitment to combat malaria and improve community health, the Agyin Kefas Care Trust Foundation embarked on another impactful mission, this time reaching out to Santewa Community in Yorro Local Government Area of Taraba State. The initiative aimed to test and treat residents for malaria, contributing to the ongoing efforts to create a healthier and malaria-free environment.

Amidst the serene surroundings of Santewa Community, the foundation’s team, led by Her Excellency Mrs. Agyin Kefas, the First Lady of Taraba State, executed a comprehensive malaria testing and treatment program. Over the course of the day, approximately 2000 individuals from the community and its environs were screened for malaria, receiving prompt treatment where necessary.

The outreach elicited an atmosphere of joy and relief among the community members as they welcomed the foundation’s team with open arms. For many, access to malaria testing and treatment has been a longstanding challenge, making this intervention particularly impactful. Witnessing the positive impact on the health and well-being of the community reaffirmed the foundation’s dedication to its mission.

The successful execution of the malaria testing and treatment program in Santewa Community serves as a testament to the foundation’s unwavering commitment to public health. Through collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships, including support from UNICEF, the foundation continues to make significant strides in the fight against malaria in Taraba State.

As the foundation presses forward in its mission, there remains a steadfast determination to expand outreach efforts to more communities across Taraba State. With each initiative, the goal of achieving a malaria-free future for the state comes closer to fruition. The Agyin Kefas Care Trust Foundation remains resolute in its pursuit of improved health outcomes and a brighter future for all Tarabans.

The Agyin Kefas Care Trust Foundation’s recent outreach in Santewa Community underscores the organization’s tireless efforts to combat malaria and enhance community health. By prioritizing proactive testing and treatment initiatives, the foundation continues to make meaningful contributions to the well-being of Taraba State residents. As the fight against malaria persists, the foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a healthier, malaria-free environment for all.

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